Fifty Shades of Grey (Darker and Freed)

Well , well ,

Guys , you Know , this is the BOOK of thE MOMENT and I need to tell you ,I LOVE IT !

Christian & Anastasia

I Know what you thinking but, NO !

It’s not because the SEX Or because Mr. GREY  err…. well maybe a little because of him . ( maybe not just a lilttle …)

Ok , I definitely LIKE CHRISTIAN GREY , but then I also like Anastasia .

Now about the story , it’s quite amazing . Is the NEW  Twilight Saga , but without Vampires or Werewolves , I can’t said how HAPPY I was , when  I realize that there was no love triangle ! YES ! Well , I like Jacob So I’m Team JACOB , but so not with BELLA ARRGG !!!

People always talk about Fifty Shades like a PORN , well you guys definitely don’t how to READ .

In Fifty Shades of Grey have a LOT of  WEIRD SEX and in the beginning it scares you ,( so if your are in the beginning PLEASE , PLEASE DO NOT STOP READING ) when Christian & Anastasia start to get to know each other ( when them start to fall in love) , it become MORE INTENSE , cause Grey (CHRISTIAN) starts to open up his HEART ( YES HE HAS A HEART). And in the second book , after the breakup , you begin to UNDERSTAND WHY he is LIKE THAT .
Of the 3 Books , my favorite it’s definitely the Fifty Shades Darker .

I love the trilogy , ’cause it’s a LOVE STORY .
It’s Lovely how they LEARN so MUCH together , he was solitaire , and her was Innocent and Bout GREW UP !

In the Last Book ( Fifty Shades of Freed) at THE END ,There is a small part , which tells the story by vision of Christian and GUYS , that was the best part of the BOOK ( it Makes me back to top , to the first book ) .

So please Mrs. James make a version of Christian PLEASE !!!!!

x CaatGii


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